Big breasts?
Q: I have big boobs, what should I wear?

A: Big boobs are great if dressed well. Avoid anything with a high neckline like polo necks or small round neck, it will make you look like you have one BIG BOOB!

Also avoid wearing baggy tops to "cover up" your boobs as it makes them look bigger. Wear v-necklines and scoop necklines to give your boobs definition and shape. If you struggle to find tops that fit your boobs and the rest of your body, rather select fitted button down blouses that fit your waist and then wear them open with a cotton cami underneath. This will draw the eye down the body instead of across… 

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Hiding your hips

Q: Hi Tracy, sometimes I really run out of ideas on what to wear. I have a very large bum that makes me feel very uncomfortable. I am now a size 40 but my bum is more like a size 42. Please advise on what I can wear?

A: Dressing for your body shape is about dressing for balance instead of covering up.

If your bum is your widest point, balance it out by emphasising your shoulders or your bust by wearing tops like halters, square necklines (for shoulders) or v-necklines (for bust). Your tops and blouses need to emphasise your waist so it shows the natural balance between your shoulders or boobs and hips and bum.

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How to trim my tummy
Q: Hi, I'm size 40. My problem is what kind of dresses should one wear in order to cover my big tummy?

A: Try dresses in a print. Print does wonders to disguise a flabby stomach. You won't know what is fabric and what is flesh.

Style will also make a big difference. Try wrap dresses in fabrics that don't cling too much or styles that fit just under your boobs and gently skim over your tummy…

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How to create curves

Q: I'm short and I don't have hips/curves, so how must I dress?

This is a very broad question. Here are a few tips on how to 'create curves'.

•    Avoid wearing anything baggy as it will make you look shapeless.
•    Select clothing that emphasises your shape by wearing jackets, tops and blouses that are nipped in the waist.
•    Avoid wearing long jackets. Either select a fitted cropped jacket or a knee length tailored coat.

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Colour co-ordination
Q:  I know this may be a silly question but here goes. I bought a deep lilac skirt with a thin silver stripe in it. It's about knee-length and is made of a crinkly fabric ('gypsy-ish'). Now I love the skirt and I think it's stunning BUT I have no idea what colour top to wear with it!

I bought silver sandals (skirt and sandal both from Truworths) but I don't know what top to wear. I am fuller figured and I want to wear the skirt casual so the sandals are flats. Help! I bought it in August and it seems like I have nothing to match it with?

A: This is a common problem. Women often buy an item they love, but have nothing to wear with it. So now that you already have the skirt, let's consider a few options:

•    Look out for a lilac top that will match with it. It doesn't have to be the exact colour, but it does need to tone in so darker or lighter would be good.
•    Consider a top in a silver grey. Since you are teaming it with your silver sandal, would a silver grey top work? This will also depend on whether silver grey suits your complexion. If it makes your skin look dull, then no, this is not the best option for you.

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