Q: I’m taking a three day work trip, what should I pack to cover all my meetings and evening arrangements, without carrying too much luggage?

Jenny Le Roux, Owner and designer - Habits

First put everything you think you want to take, on the bed. Then, eliminate things that have any sort of question mark hanging over them.

 1. Obviously take jeans with you. But, seeing as they are heavy, wear them on your way.

 2. The little black dress will never go out of date – think Audrey Hepburn – and wear it with heels or pumps.

 3. Under the black dress wear a mesh top which makes it more ‘daywear’.

 4. Try to stick to the dark colours that all work together, like the perfect pants, that can be topped by a blazer or a brightly coloured little cashmere cardi.

 5. A cardi also work with almost everything.

 6. The shirt that gets ten out of ten is one that is washable and does not need ironing, which means you have a fresh white shirt every day. A selection of scarves can seriously change a look.

 7. Bag wise, take a medium size for travelling (make sure your iPad fits inside) and for every day, but pack in a small one to take you out in the evenings. The biggest trick is to choose compact, easily maintained fabrics.

Alexis Chaffe, Fashion Editor – 36Boutiques.com

The key to a well-packed suitcase is versatility.

 1. I start with the key pieces first, for me these include a suit (or a separate ‘set’ of a black blazer and trousers), a tailored black dress and dark skinny jeans.

 2.Then, I dress up and down these items for day or evening, including; a blouse - to go with the trousers for work and with skinny jeans in the evening, one pair of black court shoes (they need to go with everything) and a clutch.

3. Your black dress can be worn under a blazer for meetings, and again in the evening with a neckpiece, clutch and heels.

4. Travel wearing skinny jeans, a t-shirt/top which won’t crease, and your blazer.

 5. Wear smart flat shoes during the day, which can also be worn during travel, so you only need to pack your heels. If you want to accessorise with a little extra colour, pop a print scarf into your bag.

Giselle Esau, Fashion Assistant – 36Boutiques.com

Packing is still one of my least favourite things about travelling. I tend to pack with my heart and not my head, throwing in items that are beautiful and never anything practical. After I started taking overnight trips, and forced to use a hand luggage bag, I soon learnt the difference between ‘need’ and ‘want’ packing. I now make a list as it helps to clarify how and where I’ll be wearing each look.

1. I tend to wear layers on the plane to save space; including denims and a jacket. I always pack too many shoes, but one pair of heels and a pair of ballet flats is ideal.

2. Include a pencil skirt, cardigan and white shirt - these three items can be worn together or separately.

3. When it comes to accessories pack smart, layered necklaces work best, or stick to statement neckpieces which work throughout the day.

Packing for me is a lot like the way Chanel feels about accessorising; "Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory" - meaning always take out those extras that you have thrown in for ‘just in case’.

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