We’ve all seen that gorgeous couture dress that looks amazing on Kate Middleton, yet left feeling slightly empty after knowing we will literally have to marry prince charming just to pay for the lining of that couture masterpiece.

Fear not, Priscilla Price, designer of the ready to wear collection, Errol Arendz DuSud, gives us girls tips on how to bring couture to your wardrobe, without having Karl Lagerfeld on speed dial. 

Don’t break the bank

Rather than blowing your entire budget on one couture piece that you most likely will only wear once, go to a brand that has wearable couture and select a few more affordable pieces to work into your wardrobe.

Invest in hero pieces

Invest in a piece that will outlast the season. These are versatile pieces that can be worked into many different outfits, such as a crisp white shirt

Make a statement

Statement pieces are great to incorporate into your wardrobe. Just like a slick of red lipstick, a statement top can re-energise any outfit

Watch the run way

Get inspiration from the runways and try to translate the styles into your wardrobe. A graphic print top can be styled in many different ways and last for seasons

Keep an eye out

The budget shopper is always keeping an eye out for those fabulous pieces. Your local department stores sell designer ranges at affordable prices – go and have fun!

Lace over print jean: R1119.00
Printed top: R800
X- over pleated dress: R1080.00
Colour splash heel pumps: R1080.00

For more ready to wear couture garments and shoes visit errolarendz.co.za