Still prevailing in the new season, leopard prints appear on dresses, shoes, handbags, blouses and accessories. They have a great power of drawing loads of attention and boosting the glam factor in your look. If you want to learn the art of sporting this trend in the most alluring way and avoid looking vulgar, follow these great style tips and tricks.

Place a high accent on it

If you want to put the emphasis on leopard prints in your look, make sure to leave the rest of your outfits much subdued. In this case, it’s advised to match your leopard printed pieces with black, red, white or bright green attire options. Another great option of accentuating these chic prints is to wear a pair of shoes, a stylish handbag or a sleeves jacket in leopard prints.

Mixing prints

One of the hottest trends of the season is mixing various prints with each other. So you can be creative and mix leopard prints with other patterns, making sure they really go nice together.
You can either make one print the center of attention by opting for brighter, bolder and larger in size prints, or just choose a combination of prints, which will look like a single blend and thus appear more subtle and refined.

Choosing leopard prints in unconventional colors

Who said that leopard prints should be always in the classic brown shade? There are lots of stylish options available too, so if you want to look unique, try some fashion pieces featuring Technicolor leopard.

Look more subtle with your leopard printed pieces

No wonder, leopard prints are kind of an eyestone and they instantly become a magnet for attention. If you love these prints, but don’t like to be in the center of attention, choose leopard patterns in hazy shades, rather than prints. They look more sophisticated and aren’t so eye-catching.

Accessorize boldly

Another gorgeous way of sporting leopard prints is going for accessories in these wild prints. Think chunky gold jewelry or a bold handbag in leopard prints and keep things balanced for the maximum impact.

Whatever option you choose, keep in mind that most times less is better. So if you want to avoid style blunders and look stylish, just go for some small detail in animal prints, and that’ll already do the talking.

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