It's so easy to toss your hair over your shoulder and secure with some hair jewellery or tie it up and join the head band!

Head Bands and Hats

For a simple straight off the beach look tie your hair in a messy ponytail by pulling your hair half way through your hair band and securing loose pieces with a few hair pins. You can leave a few ends sticking out or you can go for a really big hair band and tie it loosely everywhere.

Your head band of choice can be plain, patterned, with jeweled accessories or doubled and pulled over your head, securing all the fly aways in the from.

Try not to neaten it too much or it will look too styled so if the front is tidy, leave the back messy.

Try a floppy hat with a wavy blow-dry to give you that Hollywood look when you're joining your friends for lunch at the beach of visiting the markets.

It's so easy to get that wavy, bouncy blow-dry by simply rolling your hair into velcro curlers after you've blowdried each section and then letting it cool down before taking everything out. You can apply a bit of silicone to your ends to give it shine and a bit of hair spray to give it hold, pop on your hat and off you go.

The best part is once you've taken off your hat, you can run your fingers through your hair to give it a bit of lift and you're ready for the evening.

Hair jewellery

Hair jewellery has become so popular with women opting to wear them during the day as well as the night. You can choose from flowers and bows to diamante studs and pearls.

Think Blaire Waldolf in Gossip girl and you've got the look down to a T. It's easy to find and can be worn with and up or down style, day ot night.

Through on some sparkly makeup and you're a princess for the day. Remember to keep the look casual for the day by keeping your wardrobe minimal and your accessories big.

It can be an alice band with jewels on them, a hair clip, a broach that's secured onto a head scarf or a necklace that's been secure with pins.

Either way go crazy as long as you keep the order of less is more with clothes when going over board with hair jewels during the day. Night time is an exception when you can add sparkly shoes, a clutch some sexy make up and lots of volume.

There's no real limit here when it comes to being the belle of the ball, but add products to your hair to give it texture if you're going to a fancy event. This just makes your hair accessories stand out even more.