We've all experienced bra issues, so we asked our readers where they shop for their bras.

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Kyrie:  I managed to find A cup bras in PEP of all places! Another place I came across was Mestige.co.za .

Meagan: A friend of mine once recommended "Storm in a G-Cup" (cute hey?).

What makes this store so amazing is that they record your details and your size, so all you need do is call and they will order a sexy new bra just for you.

Lindy: Try out Pandora bra studio.

Micaela: I recently found a gorgeous bra at Woolworths. It had special fabric that tucks in the squishy bits and shapes my boobs perfectly.

Verna:  Woolies and Triumph have some really nice ones! I have even managed to find a sports bra (ShockAbsorber) that fits me, which means that I've started running.  Something that I never imagined possible with large bouncing melons.

Ruwayda: My pleasant experience came from the Gateway store in KZN. My two favourite brands are Sans Compete (which is also available at Edgars) and Elle Macpherson.

Jenna: Treasure Chest offer an affordable range of high quality lingerie that consists of beautiful bras ranging from a 34D to a 42J cup size and matching bottoms in sizes S,M,L and XL, exclusively designed to celebrate beautiful, big-breasted women.

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