Most women I meet want to look fashionable, but are unsure of how to get it right, especially if they aren't 16 or super skinny. 

We often see fashion as something reserved for the celebrities, fashion models and those who look like these skinny idols.  But if fashion is just for the chosen few, where does that leave the rest of us?  How many of those types of women really exist in the world anyway?

The fashion and beauty industry spend millions targeting us ordinary women who want to look like the 'beautiful people' of the world or just better versions of ourselves.

Let's face it, fashion is fun, it's entertaining and at times, really beautiful.  The question is do we feel beautiful, fun and entertained?

To me, the key is to put fashion in its rightful place.  It's to use it as inspiration to create your own individual look that reflects your personality and makes you feel fabulous!

So as the season changes and you are bombarded with all the must-have pieces and looks for autumn/winter 2011, stop for a moment and think about the following:

•    Does this look express a part of your personality?  I encourage women to select the trends that they really like and the ones that suit them best as opposed to wearing something just because it's in fashion. 

•    Am I going to just look like everyone else?  I mean really ladies…do you all have to wear the jeans tucked into boots again this winter?  Be original.  If you really like that trend, think of a way to wear it so that it is unique to you. 

•    Does this trend suit my body shape?  This is the deal breaker I'm afraid.  There is no point in looking fashionably terrible just for the sake of fashion.  There are many trends to choose from, so select the ones that suit your shape best.  For example, if skinny jeans don't work for you (as with most women) select the fashionable wide-leg trousers instead.  You can always spice up your look with trendy tops, blouses and accessories.

So yes, fashion is for everyone.  It's all about how you use it and whether you keep it in its rightful place or not.  Have fun with fashion and use it to create something that is unique to you.

Want more fashion advice?

For those of you who would like some assistance to create your own individual look, a Personal Styling Session with Tracy Gold is ideal for you.

Personal Styling Session: 1h30min

Tracy Gold will assist you to create your own individual style according to your body-shape, colouring, personality, lifestyle, age and budget. Working with your existing wardrobe and The Tracy Gold Collection, she will assist you to determine what works for you, what doesn't and why.

A Personal Styling Session will help you to:

•    Learn to lose 5kg just by getting dressed in the morning.
•    Avoid having a wardrobe full of clothing, but nothing to wear.
•    Fill your wardrobe with clothing that makes you feel fabulous.

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