Holiday time is a great time to give some leisurely thought to the look you want to create next year. If you are stuck in a fashion rut, then it’s time to create a look that makes you feel confidently fabulous.

To get you inspired, here are a few of my favourite makeover tips.

1.    Dream a little:  Download or buy a few of your favourite mags. While paging through them, take note of the images you like.  What clothes are you drawn to?  What colours catch your eye?  What is your dream look?  How would you like to feel?  Have fun with it.  If you don’t know what you wish for, you can never begin to create it.

2.    Shop your own wardrobe:  Most of us have a hoard of clothing we never wear.  Go through your wardrobe in search of items that looked similar to the images you like in the magazines. You may be surprised to find some perfect never worn items.

3.    Shop your list:
Make a list of the items you need to shop for to create the desired look. Instead of making this yet another item on your to-do list, couple your browsing with your Christmas shopping. Often the spontaneous browsing can result in fabulous finds.

4.    Be daring: I notice how many times we limit ourselves in what we think we can wear because of age, body shape or just worrying what others will think. Step out your box and put on something you would never normally wear. Holiday time is a great time to explore. You may even discover you really like it and decide to integrate it into your every day look.

5.    Add some colour to your make-up routine:
If you always wear neutrals, dare to add a pop of colour to your cheeks or lips.  If you have been doing your makeup the same way for years, consider going for a makeup lesson. Bobbi Brown Cosmetic counters at selected Edgars and Stuttaford stores offer fabulous free lessons. 

6.    Try a new hairstylist:  If you want to check them out first, go for a wash, blow and style. It’s a great way to see if you gel with the stylist before you do anything drastic.  Alternatively, just try new ways of wearing your hair. It’s amazing how it can transform your look by trying something new.  For example, if you always wear it down, try up styles. If you seldom blow-dry it into a sleek style, give that a try. Have fun. Holiday time offers great girly playtime.

Life is too short to wear the same thing all the time in the same way. Dare to play a little and find a fun side of yourself that you may have lost along the way.

Here’s to a fun filled, fabulous feeling holiday time ahead.

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