I've learnt from personal experience that resolutions require willpower, effort and take time to yield results, but investing in a new wardrobe or a few fabulous items means that you won’t have to wait to look and feel great.

Research shows that the clothes you wear can affect your body image perception and in turn, your self-esteem.

Furthermore, it has been proven that your outfit may alter how you approach and interact with the world.

Frumpy, unfashionable items are a no no if you want to make 2013 your best year. I suggest transforming yourself by dressing for success with beautiful clothes and accessories.

I would also recommend wearing clothes that are not only fashionable but are made to compliment your body shape.

There’s nothing worse than seeing a voluptuous woman hiding her body under baggy, unflattering outfits instead of celebrating her curves with cleverly-made clothes that conceal any figure flaws and highlight her assets whilst capturing the latest trends.

With a spot of retail therapy, you won’t have to wait to look and feel great so kick off the new year with a new wardrobe – it could be the start of a whole new you

Danelle Milward, Marketing Manager at Captive8 House of Fashion, which offers stylish clothes for fuller figures sized 16 to 24.