We all know that the same fashion rules don’t apply for everyone. If you’re top heavy, you might not like wearing spaghetti straps as much as your flat-chested friend.

The same goes for short, tall, skinny or bigger women - we’re all different, and we all dress differently.

But this shouldn’t be a reason to fret. In fact, this is what makes being a woman so fun!

You might not be able to rock a mini skirt, but you look stunning in a maxi dress. 

It’s all about finding the right clothes to suit your body shape. And it isn’t that difficult.

One of our readers realised that her shape needs some special consideration when it comes to choosing clothes.

Her 36C bra size, narrow hips and a teeny tiny bum make things difficult. Especially considering that even a size 30 pants are too big for her.

Luckily, our amazing stylist, Tracy Gold is always on call to share some fashion wisdom.

Here's Tracy’s advice:

•    A big bust is great if dressed well. Avoid anything with a high neckline like polo necks or small round neck, it will make you look like you have one BIG BOOB!

•    Also avoid wearing baggy tops to "cover up" your bust as it makes you look bigger.

•    Wear v-necklines and scoop necklines to give your bust definition and shape.

•    If you struggle to find tops that fit your bust and the rest of your body, rather select fitted button down blouses that fit your waist and then wear them open with a cotton cami underneath. This will draw the eye down the body instead of across. In most cases, instead of selecting bigger blouses to fit your bust, rather select a blouse that fits the rest of your body and wear a cami underneath. It can cut your bust in half!

•     Make sure you are properly measured for a good bra. It can take centimetres off!

•    To balance out your bust and give an illusion of curve, try a pair of wide-leg trousers or bootleg trousers and fishtail skirts. The width in the hem will balance your bust very nicely and can fake a bit of curve if you get the right fit.

•    Skinnies or leggings will just emphasise the imbalance so avoid them like the plague. I hope this helps.

So, girls, don’t worry about not fitting into the mold. That's what makes you beautiful.

And if you’re stuck in a rut, don’t be afraid to ask. Tracy, and our other fabulous fashion experts are a click away.

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