If you’re like me, then you’re probably willing to do and try anything if it means cutting back on your car spend.

Apart from regular services and taking care of general maintenance, owning and driving a vehicle is ridiculously expensive. There’s insurance, repair costs, my monthly instalments… After all of that, I cringe at the mere thought of having to dig even deeper into my pocket for fuel to drive the damn thing.

But, alas, a car sans petrol is a pretty useless little toy. So I cut costs wherever I can.

Here are three of my easiest “who’d have thought?” tips for drivers who’re trying to save a few cents after filling up:

You’re driving with the aircon on.
With temperatures soaring into the mid-to-high 30s during the summer months, turning it off may seem impractical. But avoid using the air-conditioning system if you really don’t have to. Try, instead, to park in a shady spot, so that when you do return to your car, you won’t have to turn it on full-blast.

You’re driving with the windows down.
Yes, I know... THIS, after just reprimanding you about your pointless use of the A/C.  Ai, tog. Sorry!

But, what you need to understand is that basically, driving with your windows open amplifies turbulence, which – and I was surprised to learn this – actually eats at your fuel. The solution? Unfortunately, there isn’t a real one. But, for better fuel economy (according to my dad), I use the window roller at slower speeds, and the aircon at higher speeds.

You’re driving a stupid route.
Remember that taking the shortcut is not necessarily the most fuel-friendly. The ‘quicker’ routes are often laden with traffic and robots, meaning you stop and start a lot more, which gobbles at your tank.

Not enough for you? Here are 10 more ways to cut down your car’s petrol consumption.