What's the first thing you think when you see a guy driving a flashy sports car? That’s the question that had our Facebook fans commenting for days. And while most were negative, some ladies quite like a man in a fast car.

Here’s what they have to say.

The Likes

I think wow!! A man of substance - Rosemary

Could he be Christian Grey? - Natalie

I think, "I want to be his mistress" -  Melanie-ann

He can afford himself - Priscilla

The Dislikes

Windgat ! - Carin

Douchebag - Carmia

Insecure ass - Michelle

Ass... - Yolande

Flashy sports cars don't impress me much. Definitely a 4x4 Bakkie!- Carin

Who owns the vehicle?? Bank, Company, Financial Institution! - Di

He may be a bit shallow in the emotional department and deeper into the ego section - Elsa

Penis extension...sorry - Tracey-Lee

Small winky - Karen

The In-betweeners

I look to see if he is good looking. - Matshepo

Depends if the driver is an ASS or not! - Starrene

Depends how flashy. But usually...desperate -  Joy Anne

Bachelor! - Kathryn

Eeuw. Then I feel bad for judging  but then eeuw again - Tracy

Capitalist - Riana