Despite his blood alcohol concentration registering in at 0.39gm/100 millilitres, magistrate Melanie de Jager penalised Phumlami S’fiso Mbatawas with a mere R24 000 fine.

This, dear readers, infuriates me, because:

•    Why wasn’t he sent to prison?

“I am not going to sentence you to jail today,” said De Jager, noting Mbata had two children and a wife to support.

•    Why wasn’t his licence suspended?

Again De Jager pulled soft on him, saying that doing so could interfere with his ability to work.

I’m sorry?! What if, in his inebriated state, he was involved in an accident where people died because of his drunken state?

According to this IOL report, De Jager also said: “The interest of society dictates that a message must be sent out to the public, that driving under the influence is a serious matter.”

Is it just me, or do you also see the irony in this statement?

This judge: