I am a bad car owner.

I neglected my Corsa Lite’s health for most of this year and almost ended up in an accident because I didn’t realise that I needed a new set of tyres, months and months ago already.

Thankfully nothing bad actually happened to me. But, let me tell you that I’ve totally learned my lesson and even though I just bought them, I insist on checking my tyres’ pressure each and every time I put in petrol.

Why? Because now I know that underinflated tyres contribute to:

•    Higher fuel costs

•    Premature tyre wear, and

•    Accidents


Now there is a device called the “Valve-Check” which supposedly replaces the conventional valve cap and warns you when a tyre is not at the correct pressure.

“The Valve-Check indicates the correct inflation by displaying a green band through a clear plastic cap, when a tyre loses pressure and is underinflated it  changes to yellow and then to red when severely underinflated to warn you!”

In addition, there is also Spare-Check, a contraption that allows you to monitor the tyre pressure of your spare!

According to carsafetycomponents.co.za, if you fit your ride with these:

•    You will always be sure that you spare is inflated to the correct pressure.

•    You will save up to 5% on your monthly fuel bill.

•    Your tyre wear will be more even and you will gain more mileage from correctly inflated tyres.

•    You will reduce your Co2 emissions as you have less rolling resistance with correctly inflated tyres.

Hmmm. Sound pretty convenient, eh?

Would you fit your car with a Valve-Check and Spare-Check?