Here are ten ways to make life easier without breaking the bank. All you have to do it turn these seemingly inconspicuous items into life saving devices!

1.    Rub a walnut over scratches and dents in your furniture to disguise scrapes.

2.    Put a stocking over the end of a vacuum cleaner to find tiny objects like earrings.

3.    Use a (clean) dustpan to fill a container that doesn’t fit in the sink (by letting the water flow through the handle part into the container on the floor)

    Remove build up around your shower head by tying a bag filled with vinegar around it, and leaving overnight.

5.    Put a rubber band across a can of paint to clean and rest the brush on. In this way the tin doesn’t get full of paint.

6.    Save cupboard space by storing your cleaning supplies in a hanging shoe rack.

7.    Use a can opener to open tough plastic packs and avoid cutting yourself.

    Clean out an old lotion bottle and use it to store your phone, keys/iPhone when going to the beach.

9.    Identify different keys by painting the tips with nail polish.

   Turn your toaster sideways to make a grilled cheese sandwich.

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What other surprising tips do you have to make life easier?