The two most important rooms in any home have to be the kitchen and the bathroom and these quite often make or break the selling price for a house on the market. A makeover for one of these rooms can add significant value to your home – and make it a more comfortable and appealing place to live.

Know what you want
The first step to creating that dream kitchen is to know what you want. Sit down and create a vision for the space. Although you may not be able to afford a top-notch designer, you can focus your ideas and create a unified theme by planning things out before you begin. You could opt for a modern stainless steel look of clean lines and minimalist design or a homey country kitchen look that says welcome. Once you have chosen your theme, you can look at which aspects of your existing kitchen you need to change to achieve your desired look.

Here are some tips from On-Tap Plumbing Supplies for updating your kitchen without blowing the budget:

1. A coat of paint can change the feel of any space and is one of the least expensive DIY options. Kitchens should be bright and airy capturing the essence of the home and so warm colours in shades of yellow and orange are best suited to the space.

2. A new sink and fixtures will add an updated feel to the kitchen and can be chosen to co-ordinate with a theme. If you want to create a country kitchen look, choose a farm-style kitchen sink and fixtures and add matching accessories to complete the look. It's important to ensure you choose the right size and shape of sink to fit your countertop. A larger sink is easier to accommodate than a smaller one, as you simply cut additional space out of the counter top.

3. Chalkboard paint on a portion of a wall can be a handy way to post notes or shopping lists for easy reference. It's fun for the kids, too.

4. Tiles can also create a new look for the kitchen, whether as a floor or a backsplash for the stove area. If you invest in the right tools and ensure you start in a straight line, tiling is an easy DIY option.

5. You don't need to redo or even refinish your kitchen cabinets to update your look. A coat of paint or new wood stain and new knobs and handles can reflect your theme and add a breath of fresh air to a tired interior. Curtain treatments with material that matches your tiling and paintwork can add the finishing touch to a stunning new kitchen.

6. DIY should be fun and easy. "It's about pride in your work and recognising that you can add value to your home yourself," says Peter Jefferson, Franchise manager of On-Tap. "With the right advice, tools and vision, you can transform even the most dated kitchen at a fraction of the cost by doing it yourself."