Make it easy
Every DIY Diva should have her own Drill/Driver. This is one small, yet extremely powerful tools that takes the 'hard' out of hard work. Lightweight in design, extremely easy to use, and available in various models, a Drill/Driver is top of the list when it comes to buying power tools for projects in and around the home.

Designer luggage
Next on the shopping list is a toolbox kitted out with a selection of hand tools that you're going to need. This includes a tape measure, spirit level, roll of duct tape, hammer, assorted pliers, safety gear (goggles and gloves), plus a few other essentials. Spoil yourself with a decent sized toolbox that has a variety of storage options.

Set up shop
You're going to need a place to work, and this doesn't necessarily have to be a full on workshop. A kitchen counter works just as well as a workbench and we have used ours on plenty of occasions. Cover the worktop with bubble wrap, or something similar that will protect the surface, and you have a convenient space to work on.

Know your stuff!
There's no point in owning tools you are too scared to use. Start practicing and overcome the fear. If you just can't seem to take that first step, sign up for a DIY-Divas workshop and we'll help you get over your fear or tools and help build your confidence.

Did you know: Power tools themselves are not dangerous - it's the person using the power tools that makes them so. If you don't have confidence when using power tools, it's far easier to make mistakes - and that's when accidents happen.

Dress for the occasion
We're not asking you to get down and dirty, just to be sensible about how you dress. Tie up long hair into a pony tail - or pop on a headscarf, take of dangly jewellery, and keep the high heels for your evening out. You should be dressed to be casual and comfortable.

Plan it right
Be prepared for any project by making a list of what you need. Break each project down into manageable steps and buy equipment and materials before you start each step. That way, you won't have to stop halfway through to buy what's missing, because chances are you won't feel like carrying on when you get back!

Love your hardware store
Sound silly, but by knowing where everything is in your local hardware store you know exactly where to find it - when you need it. You will also know what the store stocks and what you have to buy elsewhere. This can save you lots of time when you want to start and finish a project within a time frame.

Invest in quality: As and when you can afford it, invest in quality power tools that will last a lifetime. Tools that use Lithium-Ion [Li-Ion] battery technology are long-lasting and powerful enough for all DIY tasks. We always recommend three tools for DIY projects in and around the home: Drill/Driver, Sander and Jigsaw.

Janice Anderssen is Women24's Decor and DIY expert. Ask her a question here or visit for more tips.