So, you've decided to renovate your bathroom, but you're not sure where tostart or what to do. Well, have no fear. Here are a few tips to ease your stress.

Finding a plumber
- Find a reputable plumber who has a plumbers card approved by the local authorities.
- Ask the plumber for references and call them.

Work out a renovation budget
- Negotiate paying an upfront deposit of 30%, a further 30% halfway through the project and the final 40% only on completion of the work and when you are satisfied everything works.
- It is a good idea to add 10% to your total budget for unforeseen expenses that may occur.

Plan ahead
- Plumbing renovations = water interruptions, so make the necessary arrangements beforehand.
- Double check with your plumber that he will be responsible for the removal of all rubble.

Know your products
- If the plumber tries to talk you out of a product you have chosen, chances are they don’t know how to install the product.
-All reputable plumbing product manufacturers have technical support available, let the plumber use this opportunity as it should be a free service
- Check when choosing plumbing products that there are spares readily available
- Confirm with the retailer what the products warrantee covers you for i.e. malfunction of working parts, etc.

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