Maintenance is key

- Warrantees normally don’t cover wear and tear parts such as seals, cartridges, etc. This forms part of your maintenance.

Protect your products
- To protect your plumbing appliances and geysers ask your plumber to install an inline strainer/filter.
- Don’t expose any copper pipes on the exterior of the building due to potential theft.

They're not all the same
- Be aware that while products from different brands may be similar, they are not the same, often you’ll hear a sales person or plumber saying that “this product is just like that product“.

Save water
- Where possible choose a dual flush, flushing option on your toilet to save water such as the ones supplied by Geberit – there is even a touchless version. This saves water and is more hygienic.

Save space
- Concealed cisterns can save you up to 200mm of space in the bathroom and using wall-hung toilets creates an elegant and spacious feeling and they are hygienic as you can clean underneath and right around them.
- Geberit’s Monolith range is an ideal renovation option as it can easily be installed in place of your existing toilet and has a slim concealed cistern for the toilet behind an elegant glass panel.

Change your shower
- Floor-even showers are ideal options as they create the feeling of more space while giving you a very different and stylish look, without a big expense. With only the drain being visible it’s important to choose a visibly pleasing and functional product such as the Geberit in-wall shower element or shower drain.
- Installing a hand shower by the bath or shower is useful and very handy.

Seek professional help
- Even if your renovation is a small project, budget allowing, involve an interior planner or architect to help you maximise the space and create the ambience you are looking for. Use texture, colour and layout techniques to enhance your space.

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