What you'll need:
- Paint - Such as Plascon Double Velvet in Lemon Essence, Delicate White, Mauve Dust and Deep Sea Reef; Plascon Universal - - - Undercoat.Newspaper or drop sheet
- String or clothesline
- Fine sandpaper
- Damp cloth
- Old plastic baby bath or plastic container large enough to submerse your accessories into
- A paintbrush,
- An artist brush
- Baskets and bowls (Or other accessories)

Time needed: 2 hours

The prep
- Choose the accessories that work for you. Here, a collection of disused baskets and unvarnished wooden bowls is used.

- If you’re dipping small objects, lay down newspaper and above it suspend a piece of string between two pieces of furniture. To dip something larger, work outside and place a dropsheet below your clothesline.

- If your object is varnished, gently sand it with fine sandpaper before painting.

Get the look:

Step 1
Decant paint into the baby bath or plastic container to a depth of about 10cm. Gently submerge the basket with one hand, then, with the other, tilt and swivel the container until the paint has reached the preferred level.

Step 2
Hang the basket from the clothesline. While the paint is drying, smooth out any droplets with a paintbrush.

Step 3
Once dry, create a striped effect by repeating the process with the colours of your choice. Always allow the paint to dry completely between layers.

Step 4
Repeat the process with the bowls, hanging them to dry on the clothesline or on string tied between two pieces of furniture.

Paint tip:
When dipping functional items like baskets and bowls, aim to use a water-based enamel paint like Plascon Double Velvet. It’s hardwearing and has a bit of a ‘stretch’. PVA will create a beautiful matte finish, but it will invariably crumble and chip off if the painted item is being used.

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