Go that extra mile with these dipped wooden hearts to add that extra atmosphere of love. It’s also said that the best gifts are the ones we make ourselves, and these hearts will work well as a stand-alone gift for your sweetheart or your mother-in-law.

What you'll need:
- Wooden hearts
- Small brass screw loops
- Ribbon
- Plascon French Kiss 
- Plascon Lady in Red
- Plascon Pretty in Pink
- A few scrap pieces of A4 paper or newspaper

Time needed:
One layer: 30 minutes
Two layers: 1 hour
Three layers: 1 hour 30 minutes

If you are doing more than one heart, start a production line so as one heart’s layer dries you are busy with the next heart.

What to do:
Step 1: Take the brass loop screw and screw it into the top centre of the heart until firmly in place.

Step 2: Cut about a 20-30cm length of ribbon – enough to hang – thread it through the loop and knot at the end.

Step 3: Once you’ve chosen the colours you want, take your first colour and a scrap piece of paper and keeping the ribbon wound around your hand, dip the heart into the colour until your desired point. Hold it there for about 10 seconds then lift slowly, allow any excess paint to drip back into the tin and then hold the heart over the piece of paper to catch any final drops.

Step 4: Hang the heart from a tree or a post where it can be left to dry. Leave the piece of paper under the heart in case there is any more dripping. You only need to leave the heart for about 10 minutes before the layer is dry enough to dip into the next colour.

Step 5: For the next two layers, follow Step 3 and Step 4, always allowing for drying time in between so that the layers don’t blend into each other. Once you’ve done the final layer, hang the heart up and leave it to dry – preferably in a warm place - for about an hour.

Paint tip:
Keep the paints closed until you need to use them. If opened to early, a skin will form on the top of the paint. To remove this, simple use a rod or utensil to lift the skin out of the paint. Remember to stir the paint before doing any dipping.

Decro tip:
If you want to do more than one heart, play a bit with designs and create a range of different patterns and colours.

Wooden hearts -  Montabello Design Centre, Newlands or any décor, design and craft store. Price: R20 – R30 each

Brass screw loops - Hammer and Tongs, Garden Centre, Gardens or any general hardware store. Price: R0.60 – R1

Ribbon - Oxford Stationaires, Gardens Centre, Gardens or any stationary store. Price: R15 – R20

Paint - Any paint stockist such as Builders Warehouse. Price: R80 – R150 per litre depending on colour tint.

Scrap paper - Lying around your home

For information on Plascon products visit www.plascon.co.za

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