Crochet is a fun and relaxing hobby that is easy to learn. As we’ve told you before, you only need two basic supplies to start:

•    a hook, and
•    a ball of thread or yarn.

Here’s how:

Every pattern starts with a slip knot followed by a series of loops called chains, and it is these chains that form the basis for your project with the first row of a pattern being built on this chain foundation. Each successive row is crocheted on top of the previous row, and while each row in a pattern may call for different stitches, all stitches are simply variations of the basic single crochet.

1.    Most projects start with a chain stitch, and as it becomes the foundation of your entire piece, it is important to keep each stitch equal - meaning that each loop is the same size.

2.    To begin the chain make a loop, then pull a loop of yarn through the loop.

3.    Now you have your beginning loop. The best way that I have found to maintain the same loop size is to keep tension on the string that feeds your project. I do this by looping the string around my left index finger and using my middle and ring fingers and thumb to hold my project.

4.    Every time that you pull a new loop, pull the yarn snug, this will keep the loop size the same as the hook size. Now you have your chain.

So, what goes on the next row?

5.    If you're following a pattern it's going to say to start your next row X number of loops from the hook. Why? you might ask. Because to make each row equal in height the turning chain(s) must be the same height as the stitch you'll use in the next row.

Click here for a video tutorial.

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