Before you read any further, examine the picture above.

Nice, but what is it, you wonder in confusion? Well, it’s a niftty example of cross-stitching done by craft- crazy Nik who, at the time, was inspired by an actual sms message she received from a would-have-been date... a day before they were supposed to hook-up.

Now, examine the picture again. This time, however, concentrate on the words (or rather, the audacity) of the guy who blew her off.

Ridiculous? I know.


So back to Nik’s angst which morphed into genius which then morphed into THIS masterpiece. What’s to come of it?

She says: “Now I’m debating on whether to add an old-school border in a grandma-esque motif. Either way, it’s getting mounted in a frame and hung on my apartment wall to remind me every day of the sitcom that is my life.”

LOVE her crass creativity!

If I was blown off via a text message, I would...