Think of new floors and you probably conjure up an image of noise, dust, rubble and chaos. 

With floating resilient floors you don’t have to suffer through any of this.  Whether you choose a vinyl or a laminate these can, in most cases, be installed directly over existing tiles.  Its quick and easy and done by an approved installer who also carries product and workmanship guarantees.

Ever looked on in horror as a young Picasso went to work on your carpet.  With the new materials on the market you don’t have to worry – even permanent marker pens can be erased in a single wipe. 

The other great benefit for your home is that resilient floors do not trap dirt and dust.  No allergies, no sneezing and no wondering how to get the red wine spill out of your carpet.

At Traviata Flooring we have a solution for all modern living spaces. 

Our various ranges offer a variety of price and fashion options. These can be checked out in detail on our web site at

We are also able to offer advice and put you in touch with one of our “approved” installers in your area.