Stove-top fire
•    Oil that is left to overheat can easily become a blazing fire. Don't get into a panic.
•    Turn off the heat on the cooker immediately and carefully cover the pan with a lid, plate or damp tea towel.
•    Leave the cover in place for a least 15 to 20 minutes - removing the cover may reignite the flames.
•    Do not move the pan - It is not a good idea to rush out of the house with a blazing pot, as this could result in even more damage and could even cause a fire in your home.
•    Never throw water on an oil fire.

Electrical fire
•    Where an electrical appliance shorts out and the main switch on the circuit board does not trip, turn off the main switch.
•    Do not touch the appliance until the main switch has been turned off.
•    Use a fire extinguisher to extinguish any resultant fire.
•    Every home should have a small fire extinguisher on hand in the event of such emergencies.
Electrical short
•    In a home with old wiring, plug sockets and electrical outlets may short out as a result of electrical wires becoming brittle and breaking.
•    Burning electrical wires have an obnoxious odour and it is recommended that you switch off the main switch and immediately call an electrician.

Treating minor burns

•    Forget everything you may have heard. The correct action is to rinse gently with cool water and coat the burn with antibiotic ointment.
•    If the burn is on a sensitive area of the body such as the face or if there are a lot of blisters, then go to the ER and do not pop the blisters.
•    You also want to seek medical assistance if a burn completely circles a limb or is larger than your hand.

•    Know the location of the main electrical circuit board.
•    Locate the main water stop valve and make sure that it is accessible at all times.
•    Have a handy list of emergency numbers for your area.
•    Equip your home with a small fire extinguisher.
•    Educate the entire family about emergency procedures.

Has a section of your home ever caught alight? How did you respond? Share your story below.