Less is more
Space is limited so you can’t go wild on furniture and decor accessories. Apart from spending less and saving, you also don’t have to worry about where you’ll put things or how you’ll make room for the newly bought stuff. And it’s a fact: the less we’re able to buy, the more we're able to appreciate what we have. So it’s a win-win, if you ask us.

It’s cheaper
Because of the size of your home, you’ll save money! Everything from rent and electricity to renovations and even the rate of general repairs costs less.

Less maintenance
So you may not have that huge kitchen or that grand fireplace in your living room area, but think about the time you’re saving on cleaning up every day. Smiling? You’ve got reason to!

It’s cozier
… and more intimate than bigger homes which creates a warmer, less rigid ambiance that both you and your guests will appreciate!

Minimal stress
A small home equals a simpler lifestyle.  Less bills and financial responsibilities mean that you have a greater opportunity to play around and have fun. Saving is easier, stress is negligible and life – in general – is a lot more blissful.

More invites
House too tiny to throw a party so friends invite you over to their place instead? Score! It just means that while the champagne is splashing and their vases break, your home remains intact, untouched and best of all, tidy!

Do you have a small home? What makes it so special?