While living with your parents is safe and secure, there’s nothing quite like being free to enjoy your own company.

Moving into a space that you can call your own can be incredibly liberating. Not only will it mean that you are now in charge of the remote, but  it allows you to make decisions you would otherwise miss out on when staying with your parents or friends until getting married.

In her brilliant Daily Mail column, Elizabeth Wilson expresses the contentment she feels when returning home on a Friday after work. She pours herself a glass of wine and settles down to an uninterrupted viewing of her favourite movie.

Doesn’t that sound fantastic? Oh, the bliss.

 Here are even more reasons why you should choose a lifestyle of independence:

1.    Clothing is optional.  For the nudist in you, hiding in clothing is no fun at all. Instead of suiting up, you can strip down whenever you feel like it.

2.    You can be an introvert or extrovert whenever you please. If you wish to make your place party central, then do so. If you don’t want to see another human being for the next day or two, then guess what? Your wish becomes your very own command.

3.    Rocking up at 3am? Feel free. You won’t wake anyone up and you definitely won’t need to explain yourself to anyone...or hide your alcohol breath.

4.    And finally, you’ll learn that being alone and feeling alone is not the same thing. Enjoying your own company allows you to know, understand and appreciate yourself.

5.    Be as clean...or as messy as you want. Hey, who is going to complain?

6.    You can finally feel like a true adult. Look at you taking care of bills and managing accounts all by yourself. It can be so empowering!

7.    No one eats your food. Ever made your way home after a long day at work with the anticipation of biting into your delicious stew leftovers only to find that it is no longer there? Grrrr!

8.    Living alone allows you more privacy for making mistakes, like bringing home that one night stand you end up regretting the next day.

Not quite convinced that living on your own is the best step for you? Check out this video that is sure to sum up pretty much every other reason possible.

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