Our readers were a mixed bag of emotions - some were disgusted that this ad was even an issue; while others created some really original puns. Either way, they had a lot to say, so much in fact that we could only publish a few.

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Some showed their ‘distaste’ with witticism, and disagreed with OneMillionMoms:

Ryman: He can come to my picnic any day! Who needs dressing for THAT salad!?

Drew: What the Christian moms don't buy, us gays will certainly make up for.

Judith: The only problem I have with this is that it's not happening on my front lawn.

Gugulethu: Yes, I'm so disgusted! Where's the cheese?

Suzarne: My problem is that he is over-dressed; he should have worn the cream instead of the table cloth!

Tiah: Oh look, it is husband getting ready for our picnic. Aw.

Fiona: Thank you One Million Moms - without that complaint I would never had seen this ad. It’s nice to have an ad with some eye candy for the ladies.

I'd be happy to buy him as my salad dressing - I'd even eat salad because of him.
It's not offensive, maybe a little naughty, but girls in bikinis sell tractors all the time and no one complains.

Why should advertising aimed at women always be about getting rid of wrinkles or wear pads with wings? This is like Barney for grown up girls, something pretty to look at, buying salad dressing is a boring job, at least now there's a clever marketing that actually appeals to women.

Mary: Why on earth (would they be offended).... I'm a mom and I think this is actually quite tasteful! My only problem is the triangle of cloth.

Isabel: Nope! Women have been used as sex objects in ads for years. Why shouldn't WE get a bit of eye candy for a change? Bet these are American Mums from the Bible Belt.

Caroline: The problem is easily fixed; you just need to move that piece of tablecloth that has blown over him.

Monique: I read the article online and I think it’s ridiculous for one woman to decide that "Christians will not be able to buy Kraft dressings or any of their products until they clean up their advertising.”

I'm a Christian and I highly doubt that my bank card will be declined if I try to pay for it. Offence can't be given, only taken. If something offends you then stay away or decide on what you feel YOU should do, don't decide what every other Christian should do. Half of us don't buy the magazine so we didn't see the picture.

Claire: Really? Of all the causes to get behind, this is the one cause that one million women are taking the time to oppose? Not stopping rape, child abuse, crime, poverty, corruption, bullying shall I continue?

Who will want Kraft products in their fridge? Um... me!!!

One woman seemed to misunderstand what the organisation was all about:

Iro: Honestly News 24, you must have some serious Christian haters on your staff, you cannot tell me One million moms are all Christians, what about the Muslim and Jewish moms? And just plain I don't want my kids seeing this add moms.

Some kind of agreed with OneMillionMoms:

Claire: What's it advertising? I don't have a problem per say but it's ineffective. I don't know what the ad is selling

Well I don't rightly no, but I think I do because it is objectifying men and if I put a naked women in that space then I would definitely be opposed to it, so yes.

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