“A few simple upgrades or additions to a home can make all the difference and you don’t need to break the budget to improve the appearance of certain rooms.  This is particularly true for the kitchen and the bathroom that are considered to be the most essential rooms for improvements and remodelling,” says decor extraordinaire, Kate van Niekerk.

The bathroom
The bathroom is one of the first rooms scrutinised by potential buyers and frequently visited by houseguests. Outdated fixtures and grubby tiles will definitely not add value to your home nor impress prospective buyers or guests.  An economic way to bring a touch of style to a tired looking bathroom is to add an attractive piece of furniture, such as a vanity mirror or a new wall cabinet. These are relatively straightforward to fit and replace and can help give a bathroom a fresh new image, without the expense of replacing all the fittings.

Update your tiles
“Another option is to replace outdated tiles,” says van Niekerk. If the bathroom is in a relatively good condition, add a mosaic border or a column of contrasting tiles to give the walls an instant design lift. Installing up-to-date fixtures such as a basin, full set of taps and a showerhead can renew the look considerably.

The kitchen
For the kitchen, countertops may be too expensive to replace, so why not opt for a decoratively tiled splashback behind the sink, stove or work surface for a creative and colourful look. Change the taps and sink to give the kitchen a brand new design without the expense and hassle of redoing the whole room.

Make a statement
Look at your current bathroom and kitchen and plan how effective a few changes can improve the value of your home and your life. Fixtures for bathrooms and kitchens come in a variety of styles that will reflect your personal taste.

Choose elements that will make a statement and echo the design-style of your home. It is not only satisfactory to improve the bathroom and kitchen in your hoous, it is an extension of an investment in yourself and the future.

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