Bring back the youthful, whimsical, romantic feelings, reminiscent of summer by transforming your home into a place that reminds you of breezy summer days by the beach. Don’t know where to start? Don’t fret; Nicky Tyers, one of South Africa’s most in-demand interior designers and owner of the exclusive Colonial House Design, shares her trend forecasts and tips for the coming season.

With the kids on holiday from school, create a fun summer project they will never forget. Get them involved in your home design by purchasing canvases, easels and paint;  allowing them to create masterpieces and turn one room in your home into an art gallery.

Flirt with Space in Your Bedroom Sanctuary

Abandon the clutter this summer and keep cool by opening up bedroom space. Experiment with just one or two simple “Afro-Zen” styled room accessories - these simple chic pieces add character and sophistication to a space without making it feel cluttered.

Let Light Rule

Take advantage of the glowing natural light as much as possible. Take down those drab, heavy drapes and blinds and replace them with more ‘breathable’ ones. Opt for light, translucent, free flowing drapes that will let in the summer breeze and the radiant sunlight. Maximise light by hanging artful mirrors in bedrooms, bathrooms and entrances; positioning them so that they reflect the light and give the room a brighter and more spacious appeal.

Glass and crystal are making a comeback this summer! Dust off those beautiful glass or crystal figurines, vases, and candle holders – especially the pieces with color – and put them out on display. The warm summer sun complements these pieces beautifully and gives them an illustrious glisten.

Summer is a time for fun, romance and relaxation. Even if your busy lifestyle doesn’t afford you the opportunity to experience these joys, let these themes resonate in your home décor and design this summer season, to boost your inner light.

Will you be adopting any of these trends in your home? Share your thoughts in the box below.