1. Woolies stores
My love for this store knows no bounds.  Of course, by South African standards it is not cheap, but a favourable exchange rate means I can continue my cooking strike and live on their pre-packaged and unbelievably fresh Greek salads for weeks at a time.

2. Savanna Dry & Savanna Light
Drinking hard cider in the U.S. is not ok. First of all it’s usually sickeningly sweet, and second of all it’s just not cool. I’d like to think that if Savanna made its way over to us this would change.

3. South African Wine
We are slowly starting to see more and more South African wines imported to the U.S., but it is not fast enough for me. People still give me weird looks when I say I’ve been to the wine country in South Africa; they have no idea it exists.

4. Guava Everything

In the U.S. Guava is a rare, tropical, and expensive fruit. Here you can get fresh guava, guava juice, guava yogurt, dried guava, and the list goes on. As a guava lover, I am quite envious of South Africa in this regard. 

5. Not Having to Pump Your Own Gas
I’m originally from New Jersey one of only two states in U.S. where you don’t pump your own gas, so I definitely think South Africa is on to something here. Call me lazy, but I hate pumping gas!

6. African Time
I love how laid back South Africa is. As someone who is chronically late, African time is right up my alley. Sure it can be annoying to wait for people when you are the one that gets there on time....although frankly, I wouldn’t know. 

7. The Night Sky
There are some great places for stargazing in the U.S., but nothing even comes close to what I’ve seen in Africa.

8. Hot Water Bottles
Ok, so we have them in the U.S., but nobody uses them. I’d like to see that change...actually I don’t care if anyone else starts using them, but I’m going to.

9. Kilometres & Kilograms
This is admittedly silly, but I feel much more accomplished after running 5k on the treadmill than I do 3.1 miles.  Seeing a much smaller number on the scale is kind of nice too.

10. Springbok, Kudu, Ostrich, etc.
Meat choices in the U.S. are usually chicken, beef, turkey, pork, and if you’re lucky lamb. Pretty boring. 

Visiting SA? Can you relate to Samantha's list above? Share your thoughts and experiences with us in the box below.