You over-packed.
Apart from ever-ballooning baggage fees, fliers are also faced with weight limitations, which have unfortunately come down as the price of fuel has gone up.  Beyond that, having more bags than you can carry also leads to porter/bellboy costs every time you move from point A to B. Our tip? Plan your wardrobe ahead of time.

You don’t know the exchange rate.
Money is important, so be sure to research the currency value of whatever country you're travelling to before making pricey flight decisions. Also, be smart about where you change your currency Our tip? Never do it at an airport.

You didn’t check the weather.
An amazing number of people don't check the forecast before taking off on a trip. The result: they end up the lucky owners of overpriced sweatshirts, flip flops and umbrellas.

You forgot to contact your cell phone provider

Before departure, make sure you understand exactly what your provider charges its customers abroad. To avoid a devastating bill, find out if they offer a temporary international calling plan, use local Wi-Fi, or - if you're really brave - leave your phone at home.

You didn’t have a list of your tech essentials

Free Wi-Fi at the airport is useless if you've left your laptop’s charger at home or the office. Draw up a checklist of all the items you use - and their accessories - to guarantee chargers, batteries and other often-forgotten gadgets make it out the front door.

You went in peak season
Cut costs on your next vacation by going off the beaten path or dodging your destination's high season.

You don’t know anything about the place you’re visiting
For example, do research and learn the customary tipping habits of whatever country you're visiting. Mexican servers expect a 10-15 percent tip for sit-down service, while in Fiji, tipping is discouraged and almost no one tips the bartender at pubs in Britain.

You didn’t get travel insurance
A travel emergency can take the fun out of a trip and leave you with a massive bill. Protect yourself against unexpected hotel and transportation costs - or uncovered doctors and/or hospital charges - by investing in insurance.

You overlooked ground transportation
Do some homework and identify what trains, trolleys, ferries and other modes of cheap transport could replace a high-priced taxi or private car service. In Chicago, for example, a cab costs roughly $35-40 to get downtown, while a short ride on the "L" - Chicago's elevated train system - is less than $3!

You missed out on ‘voyager miles’
Loyalty to airlines, credit cards and hotels pays off. Make the effort to fly with a certain few airlines - typically the heavy hitters based at your local airport - and register as a frequent flier to qualify for freebies and savings.

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