FACT: The grass isn’t greener on the other side.

Apart from all the other tedious tasks involved in vacationing overseas -  like applying for a passport and visa - our country offers some of the most interesting and beautiful sights for any type of traveler, without the heavy admin AND at just a fraction of the price!

1.    Coffee Bay  
Nestled between nature’s blessings along the wild coast in Transkei, lies this very small, quaint village. Reeking of untouched beauty, Coffee Bay filled with pastoral hotels, traditional huts, affordable backpackers’ and all things attractive, yet affordable. The village draws in all types of visitors to its shores - particularly those in search of the ‘simple life’ and care-free students looking for a chilled vibe at a bar or on the beach.
Coffee bay is well-known for its ‘Hole in the Wall’ and famous hiking trails.

2.    Soweto

The township is situated in South West Johannesburg and bursts of old tales of the Apartheid era.  It’s famous for the 1976 student protests and was once home to former president, Nelson Mandela. Not only are tourists able to visit our hero’s home, but they can also explore the Hector Pieterson Museum and experience traditional culture at the various taverns and restaurants for some customary cuisine and Kwaito music. If you’re lucky, you might get to witness locals dancing for your attention, but be warned: A trip to this dusty gem is bound to leave you slightly choked up - and Proudly South African too!

3.    The Valley of a Thousand Hills
This gorgeous setting lies roughly 30 minutes out of Durban and it’s waiting for you to explore it! Dazzling with rural charm, it gets its name from, yes, the thousand or so hills rolling through the actual valley. Experience this dream-like landscape while enjoying the local arts and crafts.

4.    Cape Town’s shore
If you’re South African and still haven’t experienced the party capital, then shame on you! Apart from hosting Table Mountain, one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature, the Mother City is also home to some of (and I kid you not) the world’s BEST beaches, with the most epic venues to sit and enjoy the sun setting over the coast.

5.    Kruger National Park

What better way to experience our motherland than this? The infamous Kruger stretches across Mpumalanga and Limpopo Province, and is our country’s flagship game park.

These are just a handful. I’m sure you can think of – and recommend – a few more, so do us a favour… pop your must-sees in the comment box below!