The absentee: Every camping trip has one, that guy that conveniently disappears when you're doing any work. If you're putting up the tent, he's gone for a shower. If you're blowing up the mattresses, he has an important phone call that just can't wait. If you're cooking, he's busying himself with his bags. I am sure by now you know what I mean.

But somehow, he always manages to make it round the campfire - juuust in time for dinner...

The freeloader: This is the person that hasn't brought anything. He's borrowing your mattress, your tent, your head lamp and even your toilet paper.

The rule breaker: Camp sites always have rules, like no loud noise after ten. No music, no littering...etc. So it's no surprise that there's always one person trying to see how much they can get away with.

The organiser: There has to be one. This person has spent hours bent over maps, scanning the internet and packing the necessities. The organiser is the freeloader’s best friend.

The one that hates camping: No-one’s sure why they've even bothered to come in the first place. They spend the entire trip complaining about sleeping on the floor, insects, going to the toilet in the bush, being dirty and having no Wi-Fi. What they don’t realise is that everyone else is spending their time wishing that they'd stayed at home.

The nature-enthusiast: There is always one guy who thinks camping is their queue to leave the soap at home. He embraces being out in nature just a little bit too much - forgetting where the showers are and what the job of a hairbrush is.


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