Thailand’s capital has managed to boot London from the top global destination position.

This is the first time in the history of the Mastercard’s Global Destination Cities Index that an Asian city has been victorious. Much shine and snaps to the fellow developing country!

When I think of Thailand, I immediately start craving Thai red curry and think of temples, and Buddha statues. But, apparently, there is more to the country than just that.

Why Bangkok?

It’s photogenic
Did you know that Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi airport is the most photographed location on Instagram? Pretty cool, huh?

It’s cheap
According to this article by Yahoo Finance, the appeal of the city lies in its affordability in comparison to other regional destinations such as Singapore. It is also renowned for being a hub of culinary variety and, our fave, shopping!

Picture: Tumblr

It’s so Hollywood
The Chinese film, Lost in Thailand, is believed to have influenced the surge of tourists from China. 83 million Chinese tourists travel the globe per year, and spent R102 trillion in 2012 alone.

Why London?

It’s historic
You can walk (well, you know what we mean) the same streets as kings and queens. Visit famous places like Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Parliament, Piccadilly Circus and the Theatre District to get a sense of the history of the UK.

Convenient travel methods
London is rather easy to travel around. If you can’t walk there, take a cab (which are famous for their courtesy and efficiency), get a bus, or take the tube.

It’s got culture
Some of the most famous artists and bands in history originated in the UK or have travelled there. Not to mention all the movies that have been made in the city. Take a tour of the several theatres around town, go see a show, or go to one of the destinations in your favourite British movie.

Of course, both these cities have so much more, but we thought you’d have a hard enough time deciding as it is.

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So, which city do you think is best?