Pointers for pets

  • Carry a photo of your pet in case it gets lost while you're away.

  • Your pet should have an ID disc with a contact phone number. If there'll be no-one at home, either have a new disc made with your cellphone or holiday number, or leave a recorded message with your contact details.

  • Before you leave, get your pet checked by a vet to make sure he's healthy to travel. Also make sure he's clean, groomed and free of ticks and fleas.

  • Rather leave your pet at home if he tends to be aggressive around other animals or people.

  • Be considerate of other guests and your host's property by keeping your pets under control and cleaning up after them – bad experiences mean pets won't be allowed in future.

  • On a long car journey, stop frequently and keep water and a bowl in the car. Ask you vet about motion-sickness medication or tranquillisers, if necessary.

  • When you book your holiday, tell them you'll be bringing a pet, check what the pet restrictions are and whether there are any charges. Some establishments ask for a deposit to cover any damage your pet may do. Find out where your pet will sleep and whether he should be kept on a leash. Also check whether there are dogs, cats or other animals at the destination.

    Pets' packing list

    Don't leave home without:

  • Food and water bowls and bedding they're familiar with.
  • Medication.
  • A familiar toy in case they're feeling insecure.
  • Plastic bags and a poop scoop or litter tray.
  • A large sheet or two to cover beds and couches or other comfy places to sleep.
  • A collar with ID disc and leash.