Travelling back and forth can leave you feeling exhausted and rundown. Follow these 4 simple steps for looking and feeling your best:

1.    Look after your health
Travellers are more vulnerable to picking up viruses, diseases and infections because of changes linked to everything from hygiene and exercise, to weather and even diet.

Keep your immune strong by drinking lots of water, taking a daily multivitamin and staying active. Avoid excuses - ramming in a quick 10 or 20 minute brisk walk every day is perfect!

2.    Invest in a pair of headphones
Let’s be honest: No matter how comfortable you are in your seat or how enchanted you are by the foreign accents around you, sooner or later, it (and they) will become too much.

Headsets are relatively cheap and you can either go for the noiseproof varieties, or you can opt for a pair of audio earphones for an MP3 player or cellphone.

3.    Keep your soles happy
Swollen legs and feet are common while travelling – especially those that involve lengthy flights, lots of walking and inadequate sleeping facilities.

Keep your stilettos and sandals for the boardroom and travel in classic pumps, sneakers or comfortable boots instead.

4.    Use a good handbag
And try to keep it light. Heavy hand luggage or bags with inappropriate support can be your worst nightmare – think stiff neck, sore back...

Carry as little as possible and if you’re only going away for a one or two night stay, then be clever and avoid check-ins by packing only what you need (which should be able to fit into one bag) into your hand luggage. Also, ensure that your bag doesn’t dig into your shoulders. A backpack is your best bet.

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