Solomon’s Castle is located in Ona, Florida and took artist Howard Solomon more than 12 years to build, according to the Daily Mail.

Completely handmade, it boasts its own bell tower, drawbridge, 90 stained glass windows, and a 250-seat restaurant called the Boat in the Moat.

So, why a castle, you ask? Originally, Mr Solomon wanted to build your normal, run-of-the-mill home, but when he realised, back in 1972, that the land he had purchased contained a swamp and that he would have to build something high to prevent flooding, he decided on the only logical course – a castle.

Now, it’s much more than just a home. Guests who, as you can imagine, come to stay quite often, can enjoy a meal at the restaurant or spend a night in the castle for just over R1000 a night.

And it’s eco-friendly, too. The outside of the house is covered with aluminum off-set printing plates, and many other discarded materials are still being used in the new additions to his home.

Understandably, the community weren’t exactly onboard with Howard’s, uh, unique home at first. “When I first started building the castle people thought I was mad... People wouldn't let their children come over to play with mine because they thought I was this strange man. But after over forty years here the local community have accepted me.”

Well, looks like castles aren’t just in fairytales after all.

Wanna know more about the castle? Check out their website.

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