1.    Be informed
Before you commit to - or  embark on – any journey, subscribe to a bona fide travel blog, website, forum or magazine such as www.gotravel24.co.za.

Not only do these info portals and publications provide seasoned advice and tourism savvy, but many of them also offer exclusive deals on flights, accommodation, activities and more!

2.    Get your papers in order
Do you have a passport? Is it still valid? Do you need a visa, a medical release, x-rays and/or travel insurance?

Sorting out your admin (this takes time, so get started as soon as possible!) may seem like a tedious and tiresome task, but believe us – it’s easily thee most important part of your planning itinerary.

3.    Do some research…
…to familiarise yourself with legislation because rules are rules, people, and it doesn’t matter who you are or why you’re visiting. When in Rome, simply do as the Romans do – i.e. stick to the laws which you are (in any case) subjected to.

Tip: Some countries – especially religious-bound ones – have certain customs, like wearing a scarf, which are particularly significant to them. Respecting local traditions will put you in favour with its people.

4.    Make an inventory
Write down ALL the essentials: From the documents you require, to the clothes you should pack in, your toiletries and even the miscellaneous stuff such as a journal (in case you want to record your travel experience), a camera and goggles etc.

But before you head off, don’t forget to weigh your packed items and ensure it meets flying regulations. Nothing will dampen the beginning of your overseas adventure like a hefty airport fine.

5.    Have a P. O. A
We’re not saying that you should have every second of every day planned to the tee, but the least you can do prior to your holiday, is to ensure that you know what your destination has on offer.

Find out about activities, attractions, transport accessibility and interesting locales in the area. It’s up to you to get the most out of your trip!

Right. So these are only 5 things to consider… Can you list a few more travel tips?