You’ve been looking forward to your trip for months, years even, not to mention the amount of time and effort you’ve put into planning and saving enough cash to actually afford it.
But, are you properly prepared? Have you read through this traveller’s checklist? Do you know of the travel dangers and how to keep safe?

Efficient planning is essential. And, because we want you to have fun; and, because we want you to avoid these travel disasters, we suggest you heed our advice:


Ensure that it is valid. If you don’t have one, here’s how to apply for a passport.

Ensure that your visas are current for all the countries you intend visiting.
Make photocopies of your passport, visas, insurance documents and all other relevant info you need on your travels.

Then, keep these photocopied papers safe, in both your checked-in suitcases, as well as your carry-on bags.

Tip: Leave copies with someone at home too. 


Ask yourself:

“Do I require a visa to enter the country you intend visiting?” and;

“Is the visa I have suitable for the nature and duration of my trip? 

Remember that while some destinations do not need you to have it, many others take the visa – and the entire application process - very seriously. 

If you omit info – even by mistake - you could be found guilty of fabrication, which carries severe penalties.

Check, double check and triple check to be sure.

If you’re visiting a country for work purposes, then a business visa is required. If not, then a tourist visa should suffice.

Tip: Before you leave, familiarise yourself with your host country’s immigration rules.

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