All White

I know you want to arrive at your holiday destination looking stylish and fab but white is not the colour.

Airplanes are not as spacious as we would like to think they are. Especially if by some weird stroke of luck you happen to be seated next to a fidgety 3 year-old who spills his drink, or worse, gets those yellow (impossible to rinse out!) cheese curls on your chic outfit.  Am I right?

It’s best to dress in dark clothing that won’t stain easily because then you can arrive at your glam destination with some dignity.

Uncomfortable Shoes

I see this at airports all the time. Because of the lack of space there is no room to stretch and relax your feet during a flight. So by the time you get there, your feet are so sore you can hardly walk. Besides, it’s bad for blood circulation and can make your feet swell horribly!

If you really must be strutting in your heels when you get to your destination, then I advise you wear flats throughout your trip and quickly change into those killer heels once you’ve touched down.

Tight Clothing

I don’t know about you, but tight clothing just really makes me feel fat and uncomfortable. Now, imagine that tight feeling in a confined seat with little movement: Death!

If you hate that feeling then try keep away from wearing tight clothes (ya, even those sexy skinny’s).

Besides when flying, it’s likely that your blood circulation will be affected and you might end up with  pins and needles that will STILL bother you, and embarrass you when you hobble out of the plane.  

Heavy Perfume

Not everyone will enjoy the same scent that you’ve fallen so madly in love with. So do your fellow passengers a favour and use your perfume sparingly to keep it subtle.

The one thing I’d hate to be is nauseated by a something that smells like toilet air spray in a closed space.

Offensive T-shirts

Not all statement T-shirts are offensive but a lot are. A T-shirt that says” Worlds No.1 Terrorist” will probably land you in the security room and that will be a sad end to a holiday that never had the chance to happen.

What bothers you on flights? Let us know in the box below.