All Over kiss
Starting at your partner's forehead, make your way down as softly and sensually as possible. You want to gently caress the skin using only your lips. Ultimately, this kiss relies on your imagination so go wherever your lips and his/her body takes you...

Back kiss
Undress your partner – this act in itself is bound to get both of your pulses racing – and have them lie face down. Start kissing from the back of their neck down to their buttocks, while simultaneously running your tongue across it and breathing really heavily. The hot/cold sensation will make your partner squeal in delight!

Belly-button kiss
One of our most erotic zones has got to be the navel – it tickles, it's sensitive and oh-so divine. Turn your partner on instantly with a gentle, lingering kiss on her belly.

Earlobe kiss
Prepare to drive your partner up the wall with excitement. This kiss is simple and because the skin around the ear is so sensitive, even a gentle suck will do.

Finger kiss
It's not as dirrrty as it sounds. Promise. The finger kiss is actually quite seductive and pleasurable. Simply suck on your partner's fingers while holding eye-contact. Pure bliss, I tell you...

Foot kiss
After a romantic bath together, massage your partner's feet. If sucking is too much for you, then simply kiss the tips of the toes. Remember that some parts of the foot may be more sensitive than others, but if your partner is completely relaxed, there's no reason for them not to enjoy it!

French kiss
Thought we forgot about it? Nuh uh. The French kiss is the most popular kiss and for those of you living in a cave, just know that it involves a bit of tongue. Yummy...

Fruity kiss
Yes, you guessed it. How it's done? Place a slice of apple (or any other fruit) between your lips and move in for a kiss. Nibble, smile and allow the juice to run into your mouths.

Ice kiss
With a cube of ice in your mouth, start kissing your partner on the lips. Gently pass the ice back and forth until the ice is completely melted, then move down to the neck area. The cold of your tongue against the warmth of your partner's body is an exhilarating contrast. For both of you.

Tongue kiss
It's a no-brainer. While frenching your partner, gently suck on their tongue.

And there you have it – the ultimate kissing guide.

Have we left out any of your favourites?