The last thing any girl wants to find out when in a relationship is that she is the other woman.

If any of the below applies to you, then it’s pretty clear that you’re the side-chick:

You haven’t met any of his friends

This is a classic for a guy who is just keeping you around for his pleasure and nothing else. If you have been dating for anything more than three months and you haven’t even met his close friends then “Houston, we have a problem”.

By this time your ‘boyfriend’ should want to show you off to his friends and if he isn’t doing that, ask yourself, what it is that he really wants from you?

He doesn’t take you out in public

If you have never seen a movie together or been out for coffee with the dude, then just know that he is sneaking around with you.

When in a genuine relationship, couples usually want to go out and do things together. Whether it’s shopping or running some kind of errand, he should at some point want to make you a part of his life.

He always makes last minute plans

This might have been romantic in the beginning, but dropping everything the second he decides to give you a surprise visit means that you are just there for his convenience.

He just happened to have a few free hours to spare while his real girlfriend is out spending time with her girls.

He doesn’t spend the night

He just comes in for a late supper and a routine shag before he leaves you without even as much as a cuddle.  If this is always the case with him, then you are definitely not his priority.

You can be sure that he is rushing off to do that cuddling with someone else - his girlfriend!

You find another girl’s stuff at his place

You always come across the odd hair brush, underwear and high heels that supposedly belong to the out of town sister whom you’ve never met.  But deep down inside, you know the truth.

I’d over all like to think that our intuition as women is far more intense than we let on. Being in denial when all the signs are right there is one of the ways that one could easily get your heart broken

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