Starts avoiding you

If he stops calling you as often, if he dodges your calls or if on the rare occasion that you do speak, he seems aloof and tries to get off the phone as quickly as possible, it may suggest he’s not that into you anymore.

Avoids sex

It could be the beginning of the end if you notice a change in your sex life (no interest, no arousal, no intimacy) and if he stops showing you love and/or affection the way he used to.

Stops talking about the future

It can be as subtle as not wanting to commit to a date night in a week’s time, or as in-your-face as dropping lines such as ‘Who knows where I’ll be in XX time...’ and ‘Marriage? That’s so far from my mind..’

Picks childish fights

Men who want out, but don’t necessarily want to be labelled as the ‘bad guy’ often nitpick or become irritated (and snap) at things you do or say that in the past, were never an issue.

Keeps you hanging

Not only is it a sign of total disrespect, but if he keeps you waiting (for a date, a visit, an answer...) or if spending time with you has become a chore or a last resort, then meisie, it’s time to move the hell on!

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