You meet someone, you hit it off, you fall deeply in love and if all goes according to plan, you get married and live happily ever after.

SNAP! Let’s get back to reality.

Unfortunately, we all know that relationships are never this simple, and getting his attention may require a bit of work...

What you need to do:

1.    Smile a lot
Again. And again. And again. Smiling is probably the most effective flirting technique to get yourself noticed.

According to a very good male friend of mine, a woman who laughs a lot is perceived as confident, friendly, fun, optimistic, approachable and happy. 

2.    Make eye contact
It’s one of the Laws of Flirtation. And yeuch, I’m not talking about creepy stalker-like staring that is bound to turn him off...

Every time you see him looking in your direction, smile sweetly and hold his gaze for a few moments before looking away.

Repeat. Often.  This will let him know that the attraction is mutual.

3.    Talk to him
You should be able to tell if a guy’s interested in you after about an hour or so of being in his company. If he hasn’t made the first move, then don’t be shy to take some initiative and start chatting.

Be yourself, keep the convo light and avoid these flirting mistakes.

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