Good day. My partner and I are having problems which are causing a lot of strife in our relationship. He is saying that I am doing "weird things" while I am sleeping. He says that I am touching myself at night. I am not aware of these actions. Is this normal?


It is "normal" that you may not be aware of touching yourself while you are sleeping.

We all have different sleep rhythms and in some we sleep deeper than in others but we may never be aware what we do at these times. I am more concerned about your partner's attitude.

First of all, what's wrong with you touching yourself? And secondly what does this have to do with him/her?
Thirdly why is your partner up watching you while you sleep?? Kind of creepy...

Unless of course your partner is opposed to masturbation, feels your sexuality should belong to him/her and does not trust you overall.

This smacks of a problematic relationship to me. Masturbation is the healthiest thing going on over here. Please consider if your partner exerts this much control over you even when you are awake.

If so, consider if this relationship is a good place for you to be laying your head at night.
-Dr Eve

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