I have met someone who has been involved with drugs; he is fraught because he's been living a rough life. I’m a mother of two and I have told myself that I have a last chance to make right choices in my life.

Take into consideration that these two kids are from different fathers. Just after I had found out about his lifestyle before he met me, I am not even sure that he has changed for good. I decided to quit the relationship and told him that I don’t trust him and that I don’t want any regrets in future. I don’t want to marry the wrong person again.

it’s not only about me this time around: I can’t afford to fail my kids. We need to stop seeing each other, but, he refuses to separate from me and even though we were just together for a month.

I’m so scared to continue with this, I don’t want him anymore! Please help because he told me that he's going nowhere. I don’t want him I have a feeling that he's not the man that I am waiting for please help I’m desperate.


Get out now. If necessary, go to the police. Trust yourself. You know this guy is bad news for you and your kids. Leave now.
-Ms Miller

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