Way too often we are told about how women carry excess baggage around.

How we go from one relationship to the next with an unresolved bag of emotions that have been building up over time.

But what about men, surely they carry baggage? So why don't we ever have long never-ending discussions about how men almost NEVER let go of their baggage? Well, I did.

One of my FB friends posted this the other day: "women if you come across a bad man, just know that another woman made him like that for you.”

It got me thinking.

Some of my guy friends go through heartbreaks and decide then and there that they want nothing to do with love.They decide even in the next relationship that they will be present, but not care enough to get hurt like they did the first time.

They cheat, lie, become the world’s greatest douchebags and in the process deny themselves everything and anything that might resemble emotion in their relationship. In short, they cut off any chance they have of happiness because they’re too scared to get hurt again.

Now if that isn’t baggage I don’t know what is.

So please don't sit there and tell me that my emotionally messed-up ex was that way because some woman did that to him, or that a philandering husband to a very faithful woman is that way because his ex did the same to him.

Sorry. He did that to himself. He chose to turn his hurt into anger. He chose to mute his emotions and to not care about those the innocent people that care about him.

This might sound harsh, but I am sick of people excusing a man’s heartless actions by insisting that it’s someone else’s fault.

We all know that we are given choices in life and some people clearly choose being an ass over being a decent person.

So woman if you come across a rotten man you can do one of the following:

A.    Stick around long enough to bring out the good in him.
B.    Slowly step away from the relationship, because all that drama isn't worth hurting your heart over.

I would recommend B, but I do know that sometimes the heart wants what the heart wants.

Just don’t hurt your back carrying a grown man’s bags.