Your first fight

I know this isn’t really something to look forward to, but darlings, it’s not a real relationship if you haven’t had a fight yet. That would be called dating. So dry your eyes, be prepared to apologise AND to forgive and learn what you can from the experience. Because it sure as hell won’t be your last fight.

Saying “I love you” without worry or irony

When you can look someone in the eye and tell them you love them without blushing, feeling stupid or nervous, or making a joke out of it you’ve reached a major milestone. One of the biggest in fact.

Assuming you’ll be spending the day together

You wake up, it’s Saturday morning and both of you know, without having to discuss it, that you’ll be spending the day together. Be it reading, shopping, watching movies, dining out… No awkward or hopeful “so what are you doing today?” conversations.

Casual grooming

When you remove your make up off in front of him. Or floss your teeth. Or cut your toenails. Let’s call it ditching the “feminine mystique”. In short, if you longer get up before he does to put on a touch of make-up and brush your teeth before slipping back to bed, pat yourself on the back.

Going away together

Heading out for a dirty weekend might not be quite on par with going on holiday with his family, but taking a trip, any trip, together is a definite milestone. Driving together in the car, stopping for padkos and Wimpy burgers, negotiating luggage up staircases… Ah, young love.
Surviving the festive season

Dealing with family, emotions, traffic and last minute shopping is enough to make a very stable relationship falter. Being able to deal with it means that you are either very mature, or very much in love. Congrats.

So, is your relationship moving? And can you think of other milestones?