Here we are, snuggling on the beach regardless of the fact that I could probably fry an egg on the bonnet of my car.
But somehow the melting heat does not rival being together and indulging in the simple sunset, which, with a final flair of orange and pink hides is head behind the mountain and welcomes the still dark.

Nuzzling my ear he whispers sweet nothings as his hand romantically strokes my blooming checks and I think to myself: This very moment is what I want my life to be about, love and the promise of forever.

Picking up a stick he scribbles our names in the wet sand, as if in tune with my thoughts. The letters written in the lopsided heart could not have been more perfect.

He couldn’t have been more perfect.

Then, like the sweeping tide that carried away our silly declaration of commitment in the sand, we hear the beeping of my mobile and just like that, the moment is lost.

“Who was that?” he asks with masked anger as he points to my Blackberry, and, before I even had the chance to respond he bashes me with an accusation of infidelity.

“I know it’s you ex! You swore you left him? Am I not good enough? Are you still seeing him? Well, have yourself a good life because, it’s over.”

Sure enough, an argument ensured where hurtful words were hurled into the air as I struggled with a lump in my throat the size of Russia.

It ended with a really “expressive” four letter word that I think he deserved. After all, I was not unfaithful. He just assumed the worst.

Nevertheless, I did the best thing I could do in a situation like that… I called up my girlfriends to discuss what a jack ass he is and what a catch I am.

Now, I know that I should be the last person on this planet addressing the issue of trust in relationships after my tried and tested step-by-step cheating guide posted not so long ago.

But, it seems that even the most loyal of couples are faced with the same problem: Trust.

Take my grandparents for an example; ever so often Ouma Jackie would allege a love affair between Oupa Henry and the sexy sixty-year old living nearby.

Even after almost seventy years of marriage, insecurity reigns and bickering flairs up like a bad diaper rash.

Anyway, no matter how much you want to make it work, how much you sacrifice, a simple beep beeping of an incoming message can destroy the very foundations of a relationship.

The question is, do I leave it crumbling down like some ancient Greek temple or stay and worship the ideals of what the temple represents amongst the concrete rubble? Please advise.